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Back To Your Feet initially began in 2017 at Burwash Manor after the closure of John Lant & Partners (Cambridge). Emma, the founder, began working for herself whilst completing her Masters degree in Clinical Biomechanics. This location worked perfectly for three years before expansion came a calling!. 

In September 2020, in a bid to build a clinic that could offer more to individual assessment and injury recovery, we expanded to the ideal premises at The Old Coach House, Harston, Cambridge. If this wasn't lucky enough, a familiar and experienced face became available to join; Alex. Alex and Emma both practised at John Lant & Partners. Within a few months our rehabilitation studio was set up and we were ready to go.

Emma says: "Over the years I've seen repeat episodes occur with an injury. Often there had been a lack of safe guidance with their rehabilitation, or sometimes the motivation had diminished to finish the program. Now we can offer the whole package."

Using the knowledge gained from her Masters degree, Emma could see how important the natural gait cycle is and how it can be used as a good indicator of whole body function as well as for specific sports. 

Together Osteopathy and Gait Analysis complement each other in assessing the body and detecting dysfunction. The Gait Analysis provides a way to measure progression. 

Furthermore, there is an opportunity at the clinic for bespoke orthotic prescription. These insoles are sensitive to the mobilty required in your gait cycle and function at best in combination with direct rehabilitation.

Our rehabilitation service was built to supplement our Osteopathic treatments. This is to ensure your body isn't over-compensating in other areas before introducing physical demand. However, rehabilitation is available as a stand alone service.

To find out more about the team individually (and please do), please click on the team member you'd like to know more about below.

Why Choose Us?

You want to be assessed and treated as a whole person, not just certain body parts. You want 'joined up thinking' when it comes to treatment and rehabilitation of your injury. You want a unique and advanced way of assessing your body movement with specific attention to your feet and how they effect the rest of your body. You want experienced and professional practitioners dealing with your issue. We have thirty-five years experience within the clinic.

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