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A large percentage of an Osteopathic consultation is observation and assessment of posture and movement, physical testing, as well as lifestyle advice. 

Thankfully we live in a time where online video calls are possible!

Initial Osteopathy Consultation

A 30 minute online appointment using a video call to discuss a detailed history of how, when and where your pain or injury occurred. A record of any previous incidents and a comprehensive past medical history will be taken. Observation of the injury and associated areas alongside a possible combination of tests will collectively demonstrate where dysfunction is. This will alter dependant on ability and where the issue is located on the body. Further advice and guidance will be given such as in a Follow Up appointment (see list below). 

*Please note your details will be recorded and therefore when 'hands on' treatment is possible again, only a follow up appointment will be required. 


Osteopathy Follow Up Appointment

During your online appointment, I will:

• cover any updates on your health as usual 
• advise on forms of pain-relief
• check your postural alignment and movement patterns
• demonstrate and advise on exercises 
• demonstrate and advise on self-treatment using balls and foam rollers (even your own towel!) which are fantastic for relieving aches and pains
• make lifestyle recommendations to support your posture, nutrition, sleep and hormonal health
• and best of all, support you with wonderful stress-busting, immune-boosting breathing and relaxation techniques

Meeting live online means we can actually go through stretches, exercises and self-treatment together, meaning that after the session you will feel immediate benefits.

The method has the added benefit for you to record the online appointment, meaning you can revisit the session at any time to practice the advice and exercises recommended.

*Follow Up appointments are set at a standard 30 minutes.