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New Mother Hubb-aid

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After having my bundle of joy in March 2021 I really started to appreciate what we as women go through when we have a baby.

Firstly getting pregnant, staying pregnant, keeping healthy and fit when pregnant, and all of this before we even have our babies!!

THEN your life gets turned upside down with a tiny person who knows nothing and no one (hardly), where you're trying to do your absolute best (whilst learning what that is!), there are so many questions, so many things you thought you knew. Advice is suddenly being given on a platter from all angles and you don't even know each other yet, let alone what the 'right' thing to do is for YOUR baby. IT'S HARD!

New Mother Hubb-aid is about providing some gentle support for new mum's. This is a place for some ideas, tips as well as safe and professional guidance on ways to try and look after yourself through the madness!

At 3-4 months post-natal I can say that my head felt like it had just got above water (I did say this at about 2 months but looking back this wasn't true!), I have realised that if I could have had the opportunity to go to just ONE place for information it would have really helped!

For example, we spent a lot of time and money trying to find the right slings for us, what size, will it be too warm and how long does it take to get on (suddenly this can become quite an important factor!)

This confusion arose again at nearly 4 months when trying to understand reusable nappies and all their options!!? At this time neither a sling or nappy library were anywhere close by not to mention all the other questions and things you're trying to look up. It takes a lot of time, effort and concentration.

All things you don't have a lot of with a new baby!? 


 So that's when I decided it needs to be as easy as possible at this time in your life so lets try to make it that way! Here we are trying to build a hub for new mum's to provide information and guidance so you can believe in yourself during those early hours, days, weeks with a newborn.

Looking back it does feel like it has flown by now at 6 months (October 21) (as people tell you) but at the time it doesn't always feel quite that way!

I am thrilled to write that this service is growing day by day. Please ensure you are subscribed to the website to receive the updates on what is available. 

Please rest assured all our Osteopaths at Back To Your Feet have experience with helping you through the physicality's of pregnancy, the post-natal

phase, the post post-natal phase! This is the strain on your body looking after a growing baby after the post-natal phase!

*To note if you feel something could be added as a new mum to make your life easier please email and let me know, it's real life experience (which differs greatly) that helps us all, not just the professional guidance.