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Gait Analysis

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Charlotte Purdue: British Marathon Champion 2021 (London Marathon) ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง
Gait and Motion Technology

Charlotte Purdue: British Marathon Champion 2021 (London Marathon) ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง

What can gait analysis do for you....

The Footscan Technology

We use Footscan technology to not only get a static and balance reading but also to appreciate the pressure you put through your foot whilst you are walking or running. 


What is unique about this?

Well this means we can actually detect what amount of pressure you are putting through your foot and when.

It helps us to compare your foot mobility and function and whether a certain area in the foot is having to cope with repetitive, increased pressure, at any one time. 

Gait & Motion Footscan

The Expertise

Video Analysis

The pressure reading is combined with in-depth video analysis. We use a clever piece of software that allows us to record and then analyse your walk or/and run on our treadmill.

This software allows us to playback your video at varied speeds. This slowing down of your motion means the intricate detail can be assessed that is not seen by the naked eye. 


This is a vital part of the analysis as the reason for increased pressure in a certain area in the foot can often be detected at this point.

Leg length discrepancies and the effect they have can become more apparent and/or a perhaps reduced range of movement within a single joint such as a knee or ankle.

Muscle weakness will also commonly become obvious.

The Assessment

Once the footscan and video analysis is completed, your Osteopath will then need to observe some functional movements as well as a detailed assessment of selective, individual joints and any muscle tension. 

Hands on assessment can detect and often confirms an underlying cause for pain or repeated injury. 


Combining this three-point type of analysis allows us to have fully comprehensive view of your overall function and therefore, dysfunction.


Osteopathic Assessment

Then what?!

We then determine the best path forwards to your full recovery.


This may involve:


  • A progressive rehabilitation program that is offered in-house. This can be One - One/ Group Classes/ Virtual


  • Hands on treatment may also be suggested depending on what will create the best result for your injury.


  • Further support in the form of bespoke orthotics to help accelerate the functioning and comfort of your individual feet.


  • All of the above



Insole Prescription

If a bespoke orthotic is recommended for you, your Osteopath will need to go through a brief fitting assessment. This will ensure the orthotic is not only suited to your needs, but also the type of shoe you wish to wear the orthotic in. This will obviously consider whether it is for general use or if it is sports specific.


Often the shoe you wish to wear the orthotic in can be brought in to ensure it suits all requirements. 


Phits 3D Printed insoles are the first of their kind to interpret footscan data from a dynamic, moving foot into a supportive but adaptable insole catered to your needs. 

Phits Insoles
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