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Here is a range of options to help your exercise technique and injury understanding.


There are a range of exercises and techniques to use as part of your injury recovery.

Please refer to your Osteopath for safe and effective guidance.

Here are a range of videos describing how injury occurs and how you can help yourself.

Sciatica and Frozen Shoulder to name a few.


Body Rehabilitation Classes

Visit our Body Retraining page to see when live classes are available.

Online classes can be viewed here.


See our range of Blogs offering indepth information on a range of subjects. 

These include advice on Pillows, Carpal Tunnel and Back Care to name a few.

Notebook and Fountain Pen
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Online Rehabilitation Programs

Follow a written online program with reminders and small daily elements to help your injury recovery.

New Mother Hubb-aid coming!

A new feature we are building on to offer information and support from pre pregnancy through to the first few years of being a new mum.

Coming soon!

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