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We offer a one to one rehabilitation training programme set in our rehabilitation studio in the clinic, this enables a more specific exercise regime to the individual and their goals. Observing and assessing fluidity of movement is everyday practice. Exercise is a fantastic way to manage your own body long-term. Often after injury the body has learnt to compensate and has developed new and less efficient ways of working. The rehabilitation training is individually aimed to restore those abnormal movement patterns and improve and maintain function. Further still you will become aware of how to address YOUR weaknesses to prevent any injury reoccurrence. 

The initial consultation will take approximately forty-five minutes. This is to allow a full case history as well as the exercise regime. Follow up training sessions can vary between forty-five and thirty minutes depending on the needs of each person independently and their goals. A six week program is recommended to assure progression.





















Alongside the one to one training we offer rehabilitation classes which are currently running through the year as a six week program.  

This class bridges the gap between injury and returning to full function and capability. The principles of the class are based on body movement coordination and technique, the focus is on combining strength and mobility to retrain the body with spinal and pelvic stability as the base of support. Whilst optimising physical function, this prevents compensatory movement patterns that can occur after injury.


The weekly class is usually carried over a six week progressive program.

The six week class fee will be required on confirmation.    

Small groups per class to ensure careful individual attention and focus.

Loose clothing should be worn.

A short initial one to one assessment will need to be completed if you haven't attended before.

Next class program start date:


Currently all classes are running online.

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