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Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Where do we start? How do we get some normality back? What will the new normal be like? How safe is the new normal? What level of risk am I willing to take?

If you're anything like me, you have been asking yourself these questions over the last couple of weeks. As things appear safe to allow us these changes, to venture out more, gather in small groups and see the high street shops opening(!?)...... I've had to think long and hard and learn about what the level of risk actually is and what I'm willing to take.

Here I will inform you of what the new normal will look like when I am back in clinic but also a few things you will want to consider before you come in for an appointment. Please bear in mind things are constantly changing as well as each person's individual risk will be assessed.

Firstly we have been well guided and informed as Osteopaths about the correct and efficient PPE, safety protocol and general awareness we must provide to keep everyone as safe as physically possible!

New protocol requires the Osteopath to wear safety glasses/goggles or a visor, a fluid resistant surgical mask, gloves and a plastic apron. This is a WARNING you as if you weren't expecting this, it could be quite a surprise as you enter my room! My gloves and apron will be changed before and after seeing you, there will be a 20 minute interval to allow for this, to ventilate the room, and to clean all surfaces including the floor! Face masks for me, provided they are not tampered with, get to stay for a morning session and are then changed for the afternoon (changing them too regularly can actually increase the risk!).

That's enough about me!

Now the new protocol also involves YOU. YOU are critical to things running smoothly so please stay with me while I explain..


Appointments will be staggered to limit any close contact with others. At this time you will be required to wait outside to keep this to a minimum and to ensure only one person passes on the stairs at one time. Start and finish appointment times must be punctual.


Relax, this is only a thermometer gun. This will be checked on arrival. The gun will tell us if your temperature is normal and healthy and we can then enter the building.


I will be wearing PPE to protect you from me. By wearing a face mask you will be protecting me, in turn you will be helping to protect everyone else that comes in that day. This isn't personal, I love to see your smiling faces! I know you may not have symptoms but as we know you don't have to.


When arriving, waiting outside the clinic, in the reception area , please respect others space. I know this feels so odd to us as we all look so harmless! But please maintain this and STAY ALERT.


No cash, card or cheque payments will be accepted currently. If you book online, payment will be made as you do this. If not, I can send you an invoice to pay via bank transfer.


If you're in doubt please ring or email and we can discuss the best way forward for you at that time. Although I will be in clinic, I will still be available to run VIRTUAL appointments if this suits you better or the risk is too high for you currently.


DO NOT come into clinic if you have had any symptoms of COVID-19 or have had in the last 7 days. Please ring or email.

To finish I'd just like to say I can't wait to see you all again, I really have missed torturing you, of course I mean getting you better! Ha ha! No, seriously, I really have, I hope you have too.

See you soon, one way or another,


Back To Your Feet Osteopathy

*Revisited 2nd July 2020

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