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Back To Your Feet Clinic Building and Location on Harston High Street

We help people feel better with Osteopathy

We believe in giving you the whole package when it comes to being pain-free.

We investigate to find the root cause of your pain, we use a traditional Osteopathic, hands on approach in our treatments and give you all the tools to stop your pain returning.



At Back To Your Feet we believe in a hands on approach to assessing and treating the whole person.

We use an in-depth method of assessing to find out where the pain/discomfort originated as well as where the body has compensated. We then apply the relevant treatment and aftercare to help our patients get back to normal activities quickly, and for long term function and recovery.

Complaints we
have treated include: Back pain, Neck pain, ITB syndrome, Shoulder impingement, Foot pain, Shin splints, Sciatica to name a few. 

Please email or ring if you're unsure if we can help you.


Gait Analysis

At Back To Your Feet we combine a three-point type of analysis which allows us to have a fully comprehensive view of your overall function and therefore, dysfunction.

An example of Footscan Gait Analysis provided at Back To Your Feet and allows us to provide bespoke Phits insoles

Body Retraining

We provide rehabilitation training programmes for individuals.


These are offered as part of your injury recovery and can be guided in the clinic setting, at home, or both!

Body Movement Exercises 

Here you will find free access to a wide range of exercises to fit your needs. 

Please be advised by your Osteopath or Rehab Consultant to ensure a safe  and effective outcome.

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 01223 871644 

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